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Who we are

We’re an international team of teachers in love with dancing and ready to share our passion with you! Based in Amsterdam, Bailemos has created a family for people from all over the world united by their love to Latin dance styles. We speak Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian & Russian.
Bailemos Amsterdam wants you to become a part of the worldwide dance community, achieve more confidence and awareness of your body, meet new people, let your talent free and just have an amazing time.
We don’t just teach, we inspire!

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Our Teachers

Valentina from Italy/ Colombia: Salsa & Bachata

Born in Colombia and adopted by Italy, Valentina has always been surrounded by cultures filled with love for art, music and dance. She discovered modern dance and ballet which lead to her true love: salsa & bachata.
After years of a never ending process of self-education from Cuban Salsa to L.A., Bachata Sensual she moved to Madrid where she had the opportunity to expand her knowledge and work with the Bachatea World Congress team. In 2017 Valentina moved to Amsterdam and took a big step in her dancing career successfully taking over a World team project lady style team by one of her greatest inspirations – Sara Panero.  In 2018 one of her biggest dreams came true: she got the Bachata Sensual Teacher Certificate and opened her own dance school Bailemos Amsterdam. She’s looking forward to share her passion and knowledge with many people and show them what an amazing world is the world of dance.

Erwin from The Netherlands: Bachata Sensual

Erwin, born and raised in the Netherlands, has been into dancing since his early years – his grandfather used to own a ballroom school. For many years he’s tried many different styles, such as hip-hop, latin, house, but it was 8 years ago when he finally found what seemed perfect for him – social dancing. As soon as he started, it became his greatest passion – he couldn’t wait to dance again and again, never getting enough of it. In 2015, after attending the Bachatea World Congress, he found the style that made him fall in love with it – bachata sensual. This beautiful and emotional dance touches every person’s soul and Erwin wasn’t an exception. He has worked hard to become as good as possible and just 2 years later he finally reached the level to be certificated as an instructor By Salsaventura dance company and started teaching bachata in Utrecht. Being a teacher is what makes Erwin very happy, he loves bringing people together united by the love for dance and sharing his knowledge and passion with them.

Borja from Spain: Salsa & Dominican Bachata

Borja is our newest Spanish instructor, recently arrived in Amsterdam. He dances bachata and salsa, and he loves examining the musical origins of these dances. He began dancing in London and Madrid, but he is not done learning yet. He brings good vibes and a lot of knowledge to our students, and he’s always on the lookout to discover and mix in other styles into his dance. If you want to break a sweat while expanding your dance horizons, be sure to check out his classes!

Alex from Serbia: Bachata Sensual

Alex started his bachata training in Spain and was mentored by some of the best in the game: Marco Espejo, Ronald y Alba, Joan Pich. As a member of ProAm team of Bailame dance school (Madrid) Alex achieved podium in many competition: Sobretodo Bachata, Bachatart, etc.

Pablo from Argentina: Bachata Sensual

From Buenos Aires, Pablo’s all about perfectionism, attention to details and intelligible teaching. Dancing’s in his heart, but he always knows a rational answer to any question a student might ask. Back at home, he’d learned from the best teachers and now he’s ready to share his knowledge with you.

Polina from Russia: Bachata Sensual

From Moscow (Russia), Polina has been dancing for as long as she can remember. After over 12 years of professional classical & modern ballet she discovered social dance styles and fell in love with them. For her, the most important in dancing are the emotions and philosophy behind the movements and she’s excited to share her vision and knowledge with you.

Ilaria from Italy: Reggaeton

Ilaria is originally from Italy but she has always been a citizen of the world. After living in different countries she is now based in Amsterdam. Dancing has always been part of her life. When she was 4, she first started dancing ballet, but then moved to jazz and hip hop. Later she found what is till today her biggest passion, Latin dances! She has been dancing Salsa and bachata sensual. She became a Zumba instructor back in 2013 and has given classes in different countries around the world. She also started teaching Reggaeton, a dancing style and music genre that she has felt particularly close to, since its very first beginnings.
As Ilaria says, the urban character of reggaeton, born from the combination between hip hop, street dance and Latin music, well represents her character and style too. This is why every time that reggaeton plays, she fires up! Besides her will to spread the love for reggaeton and latin dancing, she also wants to empower women to dance fearlessly and embrace their amazing bodies through dancing!

What students say about us

Suzanne Bakker
Suzanne Bakker@sgbakker
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The teachers are really amazing! They explain everything very good and if necessary in different langueses (English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian). You learn really fast all the techniques during the clases. Lovely people and really good vibes!
Sandy Klaase
Sandy Klaase@sandy.klaase
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Good teachers who teach you the technique well, but where it is also important that everyone feels comfortable. Warm atmosphere!
Sara Perricone
Sara Perricone@sara.perricone
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Valentina and Vivek are great teachers! I organised a company outing including a salsa beginner class with Vivek and Valentina. We are a small tech startup, most people had never danced before. Nevertheless, everyone really loved the class. It was great fun, Vivek was very playful and funny, the whole class went very smooth, the energy was really great! We danced and laughed a lot! I would recommend them 2000%!!!

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