Dance School in Netherland

Regular classes for all levels

Join our regular classes to master your salsa & Bachata steps, gain flexibility and body awareness, improve musicality and technique while having fun

Besides the regular classes, this year we are offering special courses where you can focus on a specific style or just challenge yourself with something new

We have 2 locations:

PURPLE – De Laireestraat (Zuid)
YELLOW – Ter Gowstraat (Oost) Wednesday only



How to join?
▪️Eight-weeks course 100€ ➡️ pay the full course upfront and get a discount (subscription that you can stop after the course)
▪️Monthly 1 class/week 55€ (subscription for min 3 months)
▪️Unlimited (all classes incl except for the Special courses) 70€ (subscription for min 3 months)
▪️Punch-card x10 135prepaid classes(valid 3 months)
▪️Pay per class 15€ (only for selected classes)

First time?
▪️Pay one class 15€, if you want to register to the course, you pay the difference

New courses (March/April)

Learn dancing Salsa with Borja & Nadya!
They’re salsa lovers, professional teachers and most important: they have fun vibes. This is the perfect class for absolute beginners or dancers who want to refresh their basics & salsa technique.

FEB 27 MARCH 6-13-20-27 APRIL 3-10-17

After the beginners course you’re ready for more difficult combinations and challenges. Borja and Nadya will help you growing as a true salsero/a.
Important: a basic salsa knowledge is needed to join this course. If you don’t know your level please contact us.

FEB 27 MARCH 6-13-20-27 APRIL 3-10-17

Ready to challenge yourself? Get deeper into the Sensual style with Pablo & Polina. Learn the right technique of leading and following.
to join this course is required a basic knowledge of Bachata. If you’re not sure about your level please contact us.

FEB 27 MARCH 6-13-20-27 APRIL 3-10-17

Learn a cool Reggaeton choreo in 4 weeks & enjoy filming it with the group at the end of the project. Commitment is for 4 weeks: MARCH 7-14-21-28. The teacher will inform you about the day/time/outfit for the video shooting.

This is a Special Course for 50€ (not incl in any membership)

Reggaeton is a urban dance style born in Puerto Rico from the combination between hip hop, street dance and Latin music. The class is open level and for both women & men. No experience is needed.

Improve your Sensual technique with Kevin & Nika: with clear instructions and practice you’ll get the most from this class. Learn how to connect different moves and positions, we’ll give you the tools not to dance like us but to create your own style.

Important: to join this class you need to have an improvers level of Bachata Sensual

FEB 28 MARCH 7-14-21-28 APRIL 4-11-18

Marco & Sara (worldwide artists and idols of most Bachata dancers in the world) have created some of the most exciting Bachata choreographies performed with Grupo Esencia Official, a team of professional bachata dancers. Their choreos are unique as they combine smooth and sensual moves with accents, body movement, footwork, never losing musicality and adding some man/lady style. Lean their choreos to record cool videos and perform in local & international events.

This group is closed, if you’re interested in joining send us a DM.

Learn Sensual moves with Erwin & Valentina: with clear instructions and a practice after, you’ll get the most from this class. This is the perfect class to chose as 2nd class because it is more focused on social dance and practice. To learn the Sensual technique we suggest you to follow one of our other courses with levels.

Important: a good level of Bachata Basic is needed to join this class

MARCH 1-8-15-22-29 APRIL 5-12-19


Join our brand new Reggaeton show team
You will learn a choreo created by me on a very special mashup! To join the team it is important that you have some previous dancing experience or that you have attended one or more of Latindam courses.

The price is 60€ per month (for 3 months), any extra training and the show outfit will have to be paid separately. For more info contact us.

Join Nika for a one-month course designed for bachateras: These classes aim to improve bachata solo dancing through technique of basics and improvement of flow. To make it more fun and something to look forward to, we are going to be making an uplifting, sexy choreo to shoot at the end of the course! Commitment is for 4 weeks: MARCH 9-16-23-30

This is a Special Course for 50€ (not incl in any membership)

Important: a basic knowledge of Bachata is needed to join this class. In case you’re doubting your level please contact us

Join Alex & Nika for a bachata class that combines sensual elements with modern style. They will give you the tools to upgrade your Bachata technique and elements, paying attention to the fluidity of the movements and gaining a silent leading. First part of the class we focus on footwork (solo dance)

Important: You need a good bachata level to join this class. If you’re in doubt of your level please contact us

MARCH 2-9-16-23-30 APRIL 6-13-20